Back to Life: Geraldine James and more join Daisy Haggard comedy

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BBC Three have announced the cast that will be joining Daisy Haggard in new comedy-drama, Back to Life..

The series follows Miri Matteson, a woman who did a very bad thing a long time ago. So bad in fact, that she went to prison for 18 years because of it. Miri’s first few weeks out of prison find her navigating her way as a naïve but determined Adult Beginner, trying (and frequently failing) to lead a normal life in her picturesque but claustrophobic seaside hometown. She attempts to rekindle old relationships, make new ones, look for work and readjust to life outside, whilst desperately waiting for the world to forget about what happened that fateful night.

Alongside Haggard will be Geraldine James as Caroline, Miri’s sexually frustrated mother; Adeel Akhtar as her neighbour Billy; Richard Durden as Oscar, Miri’s dad; Jamie Michie as Dom, her first love; Liam Williams as chippy owner Nathan; Jo Martin as Janice, Miri’s parole officer; Christine Bottomley as Miri’s ex best pal Mandy. No details have been released regarding Souad Faress and Frank Feys.

Filming is currently underway with Christopher Sweeney directing.

Regarding the series BBC comedy commissioner Shane Allens said, “The nimble story-telling dazzles and hooks you in right from scene one. Miri is a terrific creation as the viewer’s empathy ebbs and flows depending on our perception of what she might have done. It’s a distinctive world of intriguing characters and laced through with off-beat humour. This series cements BBC Three’s reputation as the vital place to try out ambitious new forms and tones of narrative.”