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BBC has not made Doctor Who Christmas special casting announcement after all

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Possible spoilers for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Lots of spoilers are circling at the moment surrounding the Doctor Who Christmas special, and which characters are going to be around when Peter Capaldi bids farewell to the TARDIS on December 25th. Beware, because we’re about to talk about one specific rumour that is doing the rounds.

It’s the rumour  that quickly gained particular traction yesterday, namely the suggestion that Jenna Coleman would be back as Clara, to help give the 12th Doctor a send-off. This had already been previously rumoured, but it got fresh legs when Steve Wright, on his Radio 2 programme, revealed that “today it has been announced that former companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, will be making a guest appearance as the Doctor regenerates”.

The news quickly spread. The problem? It hadn’t been announced at all.

The BBC, as reported by the Radio Times, confirmed that it had made no such announcement. It also has a policy of not commenting on casting speculation anyway, which is clearly what this one. It’s believed that Wright picked up the story from a tabloid report, in good faith.

The suspicion is still that Coleman will be back in some capacity in the Christmas special, but we await formal confirmation of that. For now, as you were.