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BBFC age ratings will stay at Netflix following a successful trial

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Netflix is to keep using the BBFC age ratings following a successful trial

The BBC is reporting Netflix will continue to use the British Board of Film Censors (BBFC) age ratings on all content in the UK (the symbols are shown on the image above, co the BBFC).

We see this as part of a much larger puzzle, involving national regulators, the big international SVOD / AVOD players and consumers. We also think it’s a sensible move, and point out Netflix has itself added a Children account to its service a long time ago. While concepts such as the watershed breakdown with streaming (and recording), there is a benefit to having a guide for parents of young children. Maybe we’re conditioned by the UK cinema experience (and trying to sneak into films we shouldn’t in VIth form!), but we don’t see it as being problematic.

It’s good, also, to see the BBFC and Netflix work together and avoid any tortuous regulation process. The next question is will others follow?

Disney+ already has the idea of over 18 access to content (ie the Star programming), and Amazon Prime tends to swamp introductions with no end of flags for content at a level far more granular than the BBFC.

It seems to us the pieces are mostly in place, and we’d like to see a leading rating with the ability to drill down into specifics, ie something a little like BBFC with an Amazon Prime option on a button. Whatever happens, we’ll keep watching the regulation debate in all it’s glory and from every angle.