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Ben Miller back for Death in Paradise season 10

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Despite his character (DI Richard Poole) is back for season 10 of Death in Paradise

Since we last brought you news of Death in Paradise season 10, there have been a lot of reveals for guest stars, but none more dramatic than the news Ben Miller is back as DI Richard Poole. This is remarkable as his character was, in fact, killed off and his murder the reason why Kris Marshall took over (as DI Humphrey Goodman). So just what is going on?

There’s a video clip (first released on FaceBook) showing his appearance quite clearly; you can watch it here. It shows a reflective (end of episode) scene we assume is from the two-hour special episode in which several other characters appear from the past (Camille and Florence, played by Sara Martins and Joséphine Jobert). It’s set in the present as it opens with the latest lead, Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker then pans round and shows Camille looking at a figure appearing out of the heat haze…. We’ll. let you watch the rest. OK, it’s Ben Miller.

So, is this a dream, is he still really alive (unlikely) or some kind of guardian angel? Our money would be on the first option, but we’re still keen to see the episode.

There’s no word on any possible return for Kris Marshall or Ardal O’Hanlan (DI Jack Mooney), or even Danny John-Jules as Dwayne Myers, but at this stage we aren’t ruling anything out! No word yet on when Season 10 will be shown, but we’re hoping soon.