Black Mirror series 4 might feature sequel stories to past episodes

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Water is wet, the sky is blue. Things we enjoyed the first time will get a sequel or a reboot. And so Charlie Brooker, creator of Channel 4/Netflix’s Black Mirror, has hinted that some past episodes may receive the sequel treatment in the future.

This is good news and it’s worrying news, with the warring human instinct of “I want more of the thing” and the satisfaction innate to the anthology format battling it out in our hearts.

Brooker told Variety: “We’ve had ideas for sequels as well, which is something we haven’t entirely explored. I wouldn’t be averse to it. We’ve got a couple of ideas in mind, but we’re sort of thinking about, practically, how we could do that and when the right time to do that would be.

“So potentially. But then in a Darwinian way, a new idea pops up and that wins the knife fight for the slot.”

Brooker previously teased that the fourth series would be “more conceptual” than the previous three, to avoid being made out of date by the ever-changing news cycle.

The series has only aired thirteen episodes across three series, of course, so there’s not an infinite amount of stories to choose from should it choose to follow any of them up.

Colour us torn, dear reader, and let us know what you think.