Bond box office update

Bond box office update — first weekend in the US adds to the total

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No Time To Die has opened in the US — time for a Bond box office update

We’ve taken a few days to cover this, and it’s proven interesting. From various reports, the weekend itself in the US was at the low end of expectations (eg this report,) hitting around $56 million. On the plus side, the rest of the world (excluding China, as per our first box office report) has now taken $300 million. Don’t forget the film was very expensive to make, interest has been piling up and marketing was also not cheap. We understand the film needs to take a substantial fraction of $1 billion to make up for the pandemic, cover costs and make a typical profit.

The fact of the matter is (according to many reports) the franchise demographic is an older audience, more reluctant to return to cinema and typically not rushing to watch Bond movies on day one. The profile tends to be a good start with good levels of viewing for several weeks, compared to a big pulse as typically seen by films resonating with a younger demographic (*posh way of saying young people).

By waiting a few more days, our Bond box office update can incorporate news supporting that trend. According to sources (including Deadline) the Monday numbers are 31% better than Spectre achieved, supporting the idea of slower growth, but still a large final audience.

We’ll keep you updated when the film opens in China. Until then don’t forget our review!