Breeders – Sky announce the fourth and final series

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Get ready for one last run with the Worsley family, as Breeders concludes with series 4. 

Sky have announced that the combustive Worsley clan are returning for their final series in October. Breeders, which sees Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard as parents struggling through family life, are back for 10 more episodes.

For the new run, the show is again recasting as it jumps the time frame on five years. Oscar Kennedy (Wreck) will play the 18-year-old Luke, while Zoë Athena takes on the role of Ava, now 16.

Breeders 4 promo image

Here’s the setup for Breeders series 4:

It’s five years since we last saw the Worsley family, caught up in the dramatic events at the end of season three — Paul and Ally on the verge of splitting up, Paul’s parents Jim (Alun Armstrong) and Jackie (Joanna Bacon) in turmoil, Luke finding a new relationship and Ava mending an old one.

Series four of Breeders brings the biggest parenting challenge that Paul and Ally have ever faced, as 18-year-old Luke drops a bombshell at Christmas dinner that will change everyone’s lives forever. No longer in Luke’s shadow, 16-year-old Ava experiences her own bombshell moment as she meets and immediately falls for the charismatic Holly (Jessie Williams).

Paul and Ally continue to try, fail and try again as they face these latest parenting challenges, while also having to support the increasingly troubled Jim and Jackie.

The showrunner is Simon Blackwell, who created the show with Chris Addison and Martin Freeman. Addison directs episodes 1 – 5, while Ollie Parsons directs episodes 6 – 10. Kenny Tanner produces.

Blackwell, Addison and Freeman are the executive producers, with Jon Thoday, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, David Martin, Toby Welch and Michael Wiggs. Avalon and FX Productions make Breeders for FX and Sky.

Frustratingly, as before, UK viewers have a wait on their hands – Series 4 begins in the US on July 31st.

Let’s hope we can avoid spoilers bleeding across the Atlantic! When it does land in the UK, the show airs on Sky Comedy and streams on NOW.

We’ll keep you posted on Breeders.