Bullet Catcher

Bullet Catcher — Joaquin Lowe’s podcast being adapted for TV

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The Joaquin Lowe podcast Bullet Catcher is being adapted for TV and it could be the first of many such

Barely a week passes without the launch of a series based on a comic book (the list is long), now we see evidence of podcasts being considered as potential series. In both cases theirs an existing market with a track record and fan base, but unlike comic books, audio gives a strong feel for how an idea might work when dramatised. Not that we’re ignoring the many differences between the media!

According the report on Deadline, The Grudge screenwriter Stephen Susco is the person charged with the adaptation, and the project also involves Airplane! and Police Squad producer Zucker Productions. The Bullet Catcher is currently in its third season and is the product of audio company Realm Media (formerly known as Serial Box).

The concept behind the series is:

Imma, an orphan who feels that she has nothing to lose after her brother goes missing, decides to brave the treacherous desert in order to become a mystical bullet catcher–an outlaw who can fend off bullets with a bare hand. When given the opportunity to work with a real bullet catcher, she jumps at the chance to honour her brother’s legacy and learn the tricks of the trade only to uncover a shocking secret that propels her on an unexpected journey of grit, purpose, and searing hot vengeance…

Realm are a company to watch. It was co-founded by former Penguin Random House executive Molly Barton and former Obama Administration Dept of Justice lawyer Julian Yap. Other shows include Memory Lane, Spider King and Beatrix Greene. Their intention is to incubate podcasts for film and TV, and we will be looking out for more projects in the future. From a quick look at their website, we are reminded of The Wireless Theatre Company, and wonder if anything similar could happen to their portfolio.

We’ll bring you more news of Bullet Catcher as the show development continues.