Can't Get You Out of My Head

Can’t Get You Out of My Head — coming to iPlayer soon

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It’s not a programme about Kylie Minogue, but a series of programmes for iPlayer. From Adam Curtis, Can’t Get You Out of My Head is billed as An Emotional History of the Modern World

Can’t Get You Out of My Head tells the story of how we got to the strange days we are now experiencing. And why both those in power – and we – find it so difficult to move on. The films trace different forces across the world that have led to now, not just in the West, but in China and Russia as well. It covers a wide range – including the strange roots of modern conspiracy theories, the history of China, opium and opioids, the history of Artificial Intelligence, melancholy over the loss of empire and, love and power. And explores whether modern culture, despite its radicalism, is really just part of the new system of power.

It’s a fascinating concept, and we’ll be interested to know how well this does given it is released direct to iPlayer on February 11 2021.

Adam Curtis‘s ambition is to create an epic history that shows how and why everything happened. How we made this particular world. And that it was not inevitable.

The teaser trailer is here.