Cruella Premier Access

Cruella Premier Access trailer released by Disney+

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There’s a Cruella Premier Access trailer available ahead of the film’s May release, focusing on the character’s origin

As we’ve previously reportedCruella is being released both in cinemas and via streaming, but only to Disney+ subscribers who pay an extra fee (no details yet, we are expecting it might be around £20). In the way of making a virtue out of a necessity, we now have something called a Cruella Premier Access trailer. It looks to us like just another ‘official, coming soon’ trailer, but we’re sure there are some nuances we’ve not picked up on!

Cynicism aside, this is interesting as a sign of the times (hopefully moving into a world where we are if not post-Covid, at lease one with far fewer restrictions), and there will no doubt be further such trailers. We imagine we shall scarl Johansson in yet another Black Widow trailer, for example.

If Cruella has escaped your attention so far, it stars Emma Stone as Cruella de Vill, Emma Thompson as Baroness, Emily Beecham and Dev Patel (among many others). It’s the villain from 101 Dalmations (and also in Once Upon a Time) for a new generation. You can see the Cruella Premier Access trailer now and decide if you want to add it to your list of things to watch. We will be, though possibly not via Premier Access! Cruella is released on May 28.