Cucumber: the show’s producer reflects on working on the programme

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Russell T Davies’ superb drama Cucumber debuted in 2015 on Channel 4, earning terrific reviews but perhaps not quite the level of ratings that it deserved. Still, it stands up still as one heck of a drama, and a piece of work well worth seeking out.

It was produced by Matt Strevens, currently working alongside Chris Chibnall on series 11 of Doctor Who. And in a new interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Strevens has been reflecting on working on Cucumber, and with Russell T Davies.

“I was in awe of Russell”, he admitted, “such a huge fan. Not only from Doctor Who, but going all the way back to Queer As Folk, Bob And Rose, The Second Coming and Casanova”.

“Working with him was not a disappointment”.

Strevens recalled that when a script arrived from Russell T Davies, “it arrived fully formed. As soon as you read it, you got it – the characters, the voice, the setting, the tone… It’s all there straight away”.

He added that Davies was “across every part of Cucumber and knew exactly what he wanted from it. But he was also incredibly collaborative and allowed people to do their best work”.

Strevens clearly looks back at his time on the show with affection, admitting ”we had a great laugh, and I learned a lot about being a producer from working with him”.

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is on sale now. Cucumber is available on DVD.