The-Falcon-and-the-Winter-Soldier Disney Rules the Nielsens

Disney rules the Nielsens for another week with the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Disney rules the Nielsens for another week thanks to Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Nielsens for the week of April 12-18 2021 are out and once again Disney rules the roost with the top position going to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We take our usual peek behind the scenes, dig deeper into the data and bring you our regular analysis.

The data

As ever we take our data from the Nielsen numbers and add columns marked with ‘*’. The data is for US streaming only, and covers Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix.

Rank Streamer Series # Episodes Ep length (mins)* Total Minutes (Millions) Series Watches* Episode Watches*
1 Disney+ The Falcon And The Winter Soldier 5 50 855 3,420,000 17,100,000
2 Amazon Them (2021) 10 45 670 1,488,889 14,888,889
3 Netflix The Circle 16 55 443 503,409 8,054,545
4 Netflix Dad Stop Embarrassing Me 8 25 330 1,650,000 13,200,000
5 Netflix The Crown 40 60 321 133,750 5,350,000
6 Netflix This Is A Robbery: The World’S Biggest Art Heist 4 55 315 1,431,818 5,727,273
7 Netflix The Serpent 8 60 226 470,833 3,766,667
8 Netflix Who Killed Sara (English) 10 45 213 473,333 4,733,333
9 Netflix The Great British Baking Show 65 65 196 46,391 3,015,385
10 Netflix Family Reunion 27 30 171 211,111 5,700,000

The headline is obvious: Disney rules again but note Them (2021) has kept onto second spot. In that regard it’s very much a copy of last week’s table. If we look at episode watches, the top ten gets over 81 million views this week, compared to around 74 previously; While both the top two have bigger episode watch numbers, Them (2021) has risen faster.

The Crown keeps on making the chart, whereas Family Reunion, Who Killed Sara (English) and The Serpent are dropping. The numbers for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me are good (trailer here), the rest of the table is much of a muchness.

What next?
We aren’t predicting anything other than another win for Disney, but will have a side-bet on both Them (2021) and Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. For the rest it seems to us there’s scope for several new entries next week, and Shadow and Bone might do very well. It’s a decent long-shot for the top slot as well, if you want to hedge your bets. Whatever happens, we’ll bring you our regular analysis, insight and speculation.