Revolution of the Daleks Doctor Who Goes 4K HDR

Doctor Who goes 4K HDR for Revolution of the Daleks

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New Years day special Revolution of the Daleks is when Doctor Who goes 4K HDR.

Doctor Who joins Her Majesty the Queen  this year as Doctor Who goes 4K HDR. If you’ve access to a newer TV (or higher resolution tablet / desktop), Revolution of the Daleks will be available in 4K HDR. If you’ve never tried it before, and your TV is compatible, it will send an alert offering you the option of switching from Freeview to iPlayer. Freeview can’t broadcast (currently) at higher resolutions, but (bandwidth permitting) you can watch Doctor Who in ultra high definition glory!

Does this mean the next series of Doctor Who will also be shown this way? No official news, but we assume yes. Doctor Who was one of the first shows to move to HD, following in the footsteps of Torchwood series 1, and the BBC will be keen to keep the show’s place as an international export in a market increasingly moving to higher definition.

Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, BBC has taken its time exploring 4K. Apart from some sport and flagship David Attenborough series, 4K HDR has been reserved for specific shows such as His Dark Materials and (we learn) this year’s Queen’s Christmas Day message. The BBC will also be making Black Narcissus available in 4K HDR on iPlayer as well.

If you want the full technical detail, the BBC explains it all here.