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Doctor Who: it looks like the new Doctor has yet to film their first scene

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The main block of filming on this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special was wrapped up at the start of this week, with Peter Capaldi completing his final episode as the Time Lord. That said, there may be some effects shots and such like to still get. And one crucial moment of the episode appears not to have been shot: the moment when we meet the 13th Doctor.

Director Rachel Talalay, who has helmed the Christmas special, was answering questions on Twitter, and she confirmed that she has “no knowledge of 13”. Given that she’s shot the Christmas episode, it would be a fair bet that the new Doctor hasn’t yet shot their opening scene, else she’d have known about it

This would make sense, of course. David Bradley didn’t film his scene as the first Doctor at the end of The Doctor Falls until a few weeks before it was broadcast. And it all means that the BBC and the Doctor Who press office can keep the identity of 13 under wraps for just a little bit longer. It’d just need a small crew to film the new Doctor’s entrance, one that incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall is likely to supervise.

Here’s Talalay’s Tweet…