Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls

Doctor Who: John Simm on whether he’ll play The Master again

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Spoilers for The Doctor Falls.

Over the weekend, Doctor Who series 10 drew to a close, and with it, we saw what might be the final appearance from John Simm as The Master in the show. It also looked as though Michelle Gomez had reached the end of her tenure as Missy (she’s previously confirmed she’s leaving the show), and when we left the pair, neither The Master nor Missy was in a great state. It looks like it might be a clean slate going forward for the renegade Time Lord.

In a new interview with Doctor Who Magazine, the latest issue of which is on sale now, Simm has admitted he was surprised to get the call about returning in the first place though, and hasn’t ruled out coming back again should the opportunity arise.

“I wouldn’t have though in a million years that I’d be back”, he admitted, “yet here I am talking about it, so never say never”.

“You never know”, he continued. “This thing called Doctor Who is a machine that just sort of goes on its own. It’s got its own rules. And if they want you back, then great. I would definitely think about it”.

He did caution though that “will they ask? I doubt it”, before admitting that he feels “very, very lucky to have worked with two Doctors. Two brilliant, brilliant actors”.

The Doctor Falls might just be John Simm’s last Doctor Who appearance, then. It’s currently on BBC iPlayer if you missed it…

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