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Doctor Who series 10’s surprise ending was filmed very late

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Spoilers for The Doctor Falls.

After the transmission of Doctor Who series 10’s penultimate episode, World Enough And Time, Steven Moffat appeared in a Q&A where he revealed that the finale, The Doctor Falls, hadn’t been finished. That was in spite of the fact that it was due on TV seven days later!

Following the transmission of The Doctor Falls last Saturday, its director – Rachel Talalay – has posted some production notes on the episode on her Tumblr, and revealed a few extra titbits about the making of the finale.

Firstly, she confirmed that the main block of shooting for the last two episodes was only completed in April. As Talalay wrote, “hence Steven mentioning we were still completing ep 12 this week! It is true. Always trying to make it better”.

Even after the main block of filming was done, though, there was the very last scene of the episode, where Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and David Bradley playing the first Doctor come face to face. That material, Talalay has revealed, was filmed even later in the day. She confirmed those sequences were shot just a few weeks back, and went “from camera to edit to sound in 24 hours”.

She also paid tribute to the production team on the show. “From a production standpoint, it’s a wonderful challenge. All episodes, except Xmas, are budgeted for the same time and money, so all my 50-60 minute eps have been done for what should be exactly the same as the 45 minute ones. It is massive credit to the Who production team that they squeeze out every extra hour and £ to make these 60 minute challenges”.

The full post can be read here, where Rachel Talalay also says again that “it’s wondrous to work on Who”.