Doctor Who Series 13: new rumours of a possible 2022 premiere date

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According to Nichola Methven in an article in the Mirror on September 10, Doctor Who fans may need to wait until 2022 for Doctor Who Series 13 because of delays to filming caused by Covid-19 safety regulations.

Methven has been proven accurate in her previous Mirror articles about Doctor Who production progress. According to her insider sources, the series is due to begin filming in October of 2020.

A storyboard artist is currently working on Series 13 episodes.


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The article claims that due to the new safety measures, scenes will take twice as long to film at greater expense and it will take a “miracle” to produce a full set of ten episodes for 2021.

Both Series 11 and 12 took just over eleven months from the start of filming to the air date of the series so any delays would likely push the air date to 2022 unless the number of episodes is reduced.

Here’s what the Mirror article had to say:

One source said pushing the show back to 2022 was looking increasingly likely, adding: “Shooting safely is a slow process. If there is a series finished and ready to go next year it will be nothing short of a miracle.”

“And it’s going to cost a fortune.” But last night a BBC source said: “Filming is going ahead as planned and we remain hopeful that the next series will air in 2021.”

The Doctor Who festive special Revolution of the Daleks, filmed before the pandemic, will air this winter.