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Doctor Who, Praxeus: synopsis, guest cast, character names

The BBC has released its official synopsis for the sixth episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Praxeus. Across Peru, Madigascar and Hong Kong, the Doctor and friends face a deadly global threat. What connects a missing astronaut in the Indian Ocean, birds behaving strangely in Peru and a US naval officer who washes up on … >

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Judoon captain named for Doctor Who fan Paul Condon

The fifth episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Fugitive of the Judoon contains a touching tribute in the form of a namesake character. The Judoon captain in the episode, Pol-Col-Don is named for a Doctor Who fan and friend of Chris Chibnall, Paul Condon, who died on May 10, 2019. @CultBoxTV Hi, just on your … >

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Doctor Who, Orphan 55: behind the scenes

The BBC released a video depicting some filming of the third episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Orphan 55. The cast and crew shared some photos from the filming. The location filming for the episode took place in the tunnel of a former underground bunker now used for a shooting range on Barry Island and … >

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Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror: new photos and casting news

New photos and casting information have emerged for the fourth episode of Doctor Who Series 12, Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror. The casting news introduces some new villains along with Anjli Mohindra’s Queen Skithra. Robin Guiver plays a menacing character named Bill Tallow, as pictured in the BBC America trailer for Nikola Tesla’s Night of … >

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