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Doctor Who: the previous cast member asked to return for the Christmas special

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Possible spoiler here, as news of a possible returnee lands for the Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time…

Already, this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special has a fair amount of business to get through. We get the regeneration of the Doctor, of course, as Peter Capaldi hands over the TARDIS keys to Jodie Whittaker. Then there’s the pick-up from the end of The Doctor Falls, as Capaldi’s Doctor meets the first iteration of the Time Lord (played in this case by David Bradley). And Mark Gatiss is in the mix, too.

But according to the Radio Times, another familiar Doctor Who face has, at the very least, been asked to return.

Jenna Coleman, who played Clara of course, had previously been rumoured to appear in the Yuletide episode, Twice Upon A Time. But now the Radio Times is reporting that she was indeed asked to appear. What it doesn’t have the answer to is what her response is, but it seems a fair bet that Clara might just pop in for a quick farewell.

All will be revealed on Christmas day…!

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