Emily Watson as Valya Harkonnen

Dune: Prophecy – a second teaser for Bene Gesserit series, due November

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Set in the distant past, Dune: Prophecy will reveal the origins of the Sisterhood. 

Updated 19/07/24: A second trailer and Sky confirm they’re taking the show in the UK.

A second teaser for Dune: Prophecy is now available.

The 60 second promo, titled ‘Control’, amps up the tension as Emily Watson’s Valya Harkonnen talks about trying to protect the Imperium and we see reactions to the sisterhood’s increasing status. She also states ominously that “sacrifices must be made!”

We also get a look at Mark Strong’s Emperor Javicco Corrino and hear a Bene Gesserit sister deploy ‘the voice’.

Dune: Prophecy air date?

This latest teaser, released by HBO Max in the US has also been shared with Sky branding for the UK.

The show is undated on Sky’s version, save for that it’s arriving in 2024. However, its HBO Max counterpart tells us to expect the show in November.

We’ll keep you’ll posted on Dune: Prophecy.

Original article (of 16/06/24) continues…

Dune: Prophecy
Dune Prophecy (c) HBO Max

Dune: Prophecy – first trailer for Bene Gesserit prequel series

Max has debuted the first trailer for Dune: Prophecy, a new six-part series which takes place in the ancient past of Frank Herbert’s Dune universe. The series, previously known as Dune: The Sisterhood, has enjoyed a few cast changes on its way through production, but now debuts this autumn.

Set 10,000 years before the ascension of Paul Atreides, the story follows two Harkonnen sisters as they combat forces that threaten the future of humankind and establish the fabled sect that will become known as the Bene Gesserit.

The series draws on the novel Sisterhood of Dune, written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Emily Watson and Olivia Williams lead a cast which includes Travis Fimmel, Jodhi May, Mark Strong, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Josh Heuston, Chloe Lea, Jade Anouka, Faoileann Cunningham, Edward Davis, Aoife Hinds, Chris Mason, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Jihae, Tabu, Charithra Chandran, Jessica Barden, Emma Canning and Yerin Ha.

Dune: Prophecy comes from showrunner and executive producer Alison Schapker (Westworld), while Diane Ademu-John (The Haunting of Bly Manorco-developed the series and serves as executive producer. Anna Foerster (Outlander) also executive produced and directed multiple episodes.

The series is co-produced by Max and Legendary Television, producers of the film franchise.