End of the F***ing World author talks show’s success and possible second series

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Channel 4’s adaptation of artist Charles Forsman’s The End of the F***ing World may have received a good critical and audience reaction when it debuted on All 4 a while back, but that’s nothing compared to the response since the series landed on Netflix.

Of course, Netflix reaches a wider audience and so the story of James and Alyssa has now been allowed to impact on more audiences. Forsman’s work has subsequently become more high-profile, and he has been speaking with Vulture about the show and a possibility for more.

He told the site: “I’m starting to finally feel normal again after all the excitement and attention. It’s been hard to not stare at my phone because the notifications just roll in, from all the social media and all the articles being written and all. You know, everything.

“All the distributors were out. And they were like, “Oh my God.” I got a call from my editor on Sunday or Monday and he was like, “This is a real bona fide hit.” We’re going to run back to press, expedite it, so there’s more books being made as we speak. Which is great. That was the one thing I had my fingers crossed for, that it would translate into people checking out the book, so that’s been really gratifying.

“It seems like a lot of people are like, “Oh my God, it’s based on comic. I’m going to read it.” I see that online a lot.”

And with the way End of the F***ing World has resonated with audiences worldwide, talk has understandably turned to the prospect of more.

“Not yet. I don’t know,” Forsman said of the possibility if a second series. “The people at the top are still talking. I haven’t heard much lately, but I’m sure they’re all seeing the begging of people online for it. So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens.”