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Equinox explained in Netflix WTF is…? video

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Everything Equinox explained in one place? Maybe not but the this video sets the scene for the show nicely

We’ve already mentioned Equinoxthe forthcoming Danish Netflix series, arriving on December 30, and now Netflix has provided one of its WTF is…? videos to give some more information. After the inevitable mention of Dark, it moves to introduce Danica Curcic, who plays Astrid. The plot is as follows:

Astrid is only 9 years old in the year 1999 when a class of graduating students inexplicably disappears without a trace. Astrid, who is the sister to one of the missing students becomes traumatized and plagued by horrific visions after her sister’s disappearance. In 2020 Astrid is peacefully living with her family when all of a sudden the nightmares come back and start haunting her. When the one survivor from 1999 mysteriously dies, Astrid is determined to find out what happened to her sister and the class, only to discover a dark and unsettling truth that involves her in ways she never imagined.

We also learn there will be six episodes and not only are there supernatural events, and a mystery, but also alternate reality. Will it all be too much? Make up your own mind!

The video is here and the series arrives tomorrow!