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Netflix releases teaser for new Danish series Equinox

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Netflix has released a teaser trailer for new series Equinox, starting on December 30

It’s obviously a good week for Danish Netflix shows (see our piece on Chosen) as the streaming giant has also dropped a trailer for new show Equinox. They appear to be keeping their cards close to their chest; the summary beneath the video is just: There’s another reality behind the one we’re living in. Unravel the mystery of Equinox on December 30.

Fortunately Netflix has provided other information:

Astrid is only 9 years old in the year 1999 when a class of graduating students inexplicably disappears without a trace. Astrid, who is the sister to one of the missing students becomes traumatized and plagued by horrific visions after her sister’s disappearance. In 2020 Astrid is peacefully living with her family when all of a sudden the nightmares come back and start haunting her. When the one survivor from 1999 mysteriously dies, Astrid is determined to find out what happened to her sister and the class, only to discover a dark and unsettling truth that involves her in ways she never imagined.

We’ve also learned (various sources, including Gizmodo) some specifics. Astrid, a radio host, is played by Danica Curcic. Someone calls her show claiming to know the truth behind her sister’s disappearance, and Astrid soon gets drawn into a dark world she’d never suspected existed.

Tea Lindeburg created the series, which was produced by Danish veteran Piv Bernth (The KillingThe Bridge). Originally it was a podcast titled Equinox 1985 and was topped the local iTunes chart. A December 30 release means we can add it to our list of things to watch on New Year’s Eve, though with a name like Equinox we’re surprised it wasn’t released in June, or perhaps on December 21 (this year’s winter solstice).