Eternals final trailer

Eternals final trailer gives a strong sense of where it fits the bigger story

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There’s an Eternals final trailer available now from Marvel, and it’s not just another rapid-fire set of glossy clips

We’ve only just had interviews with the cast, now the Eternals final trailer is with us. Given it’s only August, and the film is out in November, we’re expecting a final final trailer at some point. Speculation aside, does this tell us anything new? Short answer, yes; long answer, probably and it also packages up the reveals so far into a more coherent collection.

What does this final trailer tell us about the Eternals?

There are two things this trailer achieves; first it actually begins showing the characters as people, not just super-powers on a stick, and second it makes the link to the Thanos storyline from the Avengers films.

If you’ve not been paying attention, a quick reminder — the setup of Eternals is vastly super-powered beings are on Earth protecting us from the Deviants. They ignore everything else, including war, famine, plague and the death of half the universe at the hands of Thanos (spoiler — they all came back). Why are they out of their watching mode now? The answer is in the trailer, and it makes an amount of sense (as much as any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka MCU) does.

If you’re still uncertain about the new film when it arrives in November, we suggest taking a look at the final trailer (and everything else we’ve covered recently — just search for Eternal in the search box you get by clicking the magnifying glass top right). Until November, we’ll keep a look out for yet more in the way of trailers, interviews and the like.