Exclusive: Netflix are developing a Sherlock Holmes series

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In an interview with the BBC Writer’s Room, Watership Down writer Tom Bidwell confirmed he’s working on a Netflix Original series entitled The Irregulars

Bidwell, who has adapted Richard Adams’ Watership Down for the BBC this Christmas, was asked about his upcoming project and he said,

I’m currently working on a Netflix Original series called The Irregulars. Sherlock Holmes had a group of street kids he’d use to help him gather clues so our series is what if Sherlock was a drug addict and a delinquent and the kids solve the whole case whilst he takes credit. It’s my dream project and my oldest idea (I’ve been pitching it for ten years) and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working on it with the team I made My Mad Fat Diary with at Drama Republic. Netflix are incredibly supportive for our vision for the show and it’s allowing us to be very ambitious with the way we’re telling our stories.

Bidwell reveals a lot in the interview and he confirms that the series is well into development so we would imagine it’s not long until Netflix announce more information.

A quick Google of the series and Drama Republic reveals a pitch book from last October, featuring some early character information about The Irregulars

The book describes a member of The Irregulars called Bea, a 16-year-old girl living in a workhouse. She’s described as “far too bold and outspoken for a female. Especially one of so few years. Thinks she is responsible for the “gang” she keeps around yet her proclivity towards danger and her sheer fearlessness suggests otherwise”.

The story of the Baker Street Irregulars was last adapted by the BBC in 2007 as Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars. Written by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle it starred Jonathan Pryce as Holmes, Anna Chancellor as Irene Adler and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as one of the Irregulars.

We’ll be sure to pass on more information about this very exciting series.

– With thanks to Brendon Connelly.