Fear the Walking Dead Season 4b: Showrunner teases fallout from big death + new trailer – SDCC

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When we think of zombie apocalypse shows, Bjork always seems to come to mind. Makes sense, then, that the trailer for the second half of Fear the Walking Dead‘s fourth season begins on a slightly humorous note with ‘Oh so Quiet’ and John Dorie proclaiming he “hates the wet ones”.

Don’t go thinking the show has gone soft, though, as the rest of the video gives us a glimpse of the FTWD we all know and love. Death, despair and mayhem galore.

Speaking on the panel at San Diego Comic-Con, showrunner Ian Goldberg said: “[The newcomers] bring very different energies to the show. Some are going to bring humour, some are going to bring hope, some will take away that hope. They’re going to bring a lot of variety to the show.

“We’re dealing with clearly wounded people… it’s going to be hard to overcome these things,” EP Gale Anne Hurd added on the shocking departure of Kim Dickens’ character at the episode of season 4a. “Are they going to embrace Madison’s philosophy or are they essentially going to be in it for themselves and keeping people out?”

Fear the Walking Dead returns August 12.