First trailer for Against the Law, new BBC drama with Daniel Mays and Mark Gatiss

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There’s a lot to be said about Peter Wildeblood, the novelist, playwright and journalist, but it makes a lot of sense that the BBC would choose to tell the story of the so-called Montagu Case by adapting Wildeblood’s own memoir, Against the Law. This would seem to be one of the most important events in Wildeblood’s life and, thanks to the fallout, a genuine turning point in modern British culture.

As you’ll see, this is the story of some young men being criminalised for their sexuality. From our vantage point in the year 2017 this story appears both appalling and inhumane and yet, most despairingly, still topically relevant and dramatic.

Daniel Mays is playing Wildeblood, with Mark Gatiss, Richard Gadd, Richard Dillane and David Robb taking other key roles. The script has been written by Sirens creator Brian Fillis. Director Fergus O’Brien has largely worked in documentary in the past, but seems to be making a good stab at drama here.

You can read much more about the Montagu Case online, and the hindisght granted by history will tell you some of how the story turns out, but I might advise watching Against the Law knowing as little as possible about the story it’s going to tell you.

BBC Two will air Against the Law at 9pm on Wednesday 26th July.