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First Wave coming to the Horror Channel later this month

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The show First Wave is coming to the Horror Channel later this month — we tell you why it’s worth taking a look

The Horror Channel brings us plenty of classic science fiction (every weekday evening seems to bring several versions of Star Trek, for example) and as long as you’ve access, it’s free to air (it’s on Sky, Virgin, Freeview and Freesat.) Latest arrival, coming June 16 at 8pm, is First Wave, and it’s a mix of ingredients with plenty of promise.

What is First Wave?

The show ran for 66 episodes from 1998 – 2001. There were three seasons, and the show was cancelled due to falling ratings, having been ordered as one big run by SyFy channel when the picked it up in 1998. It was created by Chris Brancato (Beverley Hills 90210) and had Hollywood legend Francis Ford Coppola as executive producer.

It was a mix of The X-Files and NCIS in some respects. Here’s the Horror Channel summary of the plot:

The series concentrates on former thief now Security Specialist Cade Foster (Sebastian Spence), as he struggles to uncover an alien conspiracy by deciphering prophecies from Nostradamus as well as being on the run for a murder he did not commit. Along the way he meets The Gua, an alien race of hybridised genetic clones who are focused on enslaving the human race.

There’s a lot more on the Horror Channel’s introduction to the show, including praise for the central performances and storytelling. On that basis alone we suggest it’s worth setting the recorder and trying the first few episodes.