Peter Capaldi’s ‘Doctor Who’ costume examined up close

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We take a closer look at Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who costume, which was revealed yesterday by the BBC.

Dark blue Crombie coat with red lining

It’s all about the coat with the Doctor these days. After Tennant and Smith’s flamboyant outerwear, Capaldi’s coat is sober, down to earth, yet extremely fashionable (and Crombie too, so pricey): it’s a coat for business. That business being saving the universe.

It’s slim fit, which makes for a great silhouette, and the flash of red lining, which has reminded many of John Pertwee’s cape, adds a nice blast of dramatic colour to what is a uniformly dark costume.

White buttoned-up shirt

“I wear no ties now. No ties are cool.”

After having worn almost everything around his neck but a snood (Google it, gentlemen) throughout his lives, the Doctor goes all Peaky Blinders with the bang on trend buttoned up shirt. It’s a look that shows this isn’t a Doctor who has time or inclination to faff around with neckwear. A real departure from his predecessor.

Dark blue trousers

No nonsense trousers for what will surely be a no nonsense Doctor. Slim fit too, so you’ll be able to see those legs go like the clappers when he’s running down corridors.

Dark blue cardigan

As an undeniably old man it’s a surprise that the Doctor hasn’t worn a cardigan sooner. It’s a garment that, despite its recent trendy comeback and popularity with all ages of clothes wearers, including the yoof, is synonymous with old age. It’s the one giveaway that this is a man who is now around 1,600 years old (we think – who knows), so it’s no wonder he needs to layer up to keep warm.

Black Loake shoes

Loake must be rubbing their hands together with glee at the inevitable increase in sales off the back of the Twelfth Doctor’s choice of footwear. It’s quite a stompy shoe too, isn’t it? Good for putting your foot down when giving an invading alien force an ultimatum.

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