Context Is For Kings

Star Trek Discovery episode 3 image gallery

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Here are some images from the next episode, entitled ‘Context Is For Kings’ – including some gory goings on, and a first look at the other half of Trek’s first same-sex relationship.

As we get geared up for the ‘proper’ start of Star Trek Discovery, has put together a gallery of images from the upcoming ‘Context Is For Kings’. They tie in quite nicely with what we saw in a recent trailer.

Here they are…

Here’s Micheal Burnham with a new haircut, and what appears – at least from the trailer – to be her prison uniform…

This would appear to be an early meeting with Jason Isaacs’ Captain Lorca, but is that a stress-relieving Tribble on his desk? Surely not!

Here is a another angle of a scene we see in the trailer, with Saru offering his customary blunt opinion on Burnham’s presence aboard Discovery.

Burnham, now in non-Star Fleet kit, talking to Lt. Stamets – this appears to be the area we see early in the trailer, with the glowing particles.

Saru, played by the prosthetics-wearing genius, Doug Jones.

Lt. Stamets in the new away mission body armour, which we predict will be a cosplay favourite.

That, if we’re not very much mistaken, is a pretty grim collection of mangled, Star Fleet uniformed, bodies being inspected by Burnham, Stamets, Cadet Tilly and an unnamed ‘Red Shirt’*

*shirt not actually red.

If you’ve read our in-depth look at the trailer, you’ll understand why we say that last one looks like an experiment gone very, very wrong. If you’ve seen Galaxy Quest, you’d be forgiven for wondering if Tech Sergeant Chen hadn’t had another digital conveyer accident.

Also this week, Wilson Cruz – former star of My So-Called Life – let loose the first picture of his Discovery character, Dr. Hugh Culber, who will form one-half of the franchise’s first same-sex relationship alongside Anthony Rapp’s Lt. Stamets. If that wasn’t high-profile enough, he also has to follow on from the illustrious line of former ‘Trek medics.

‘Context Is For Kings’ will air on Sunday night in the US, on CBS All Access, and be available to stream on Netflix in the UK from Monday.