Glass: First trailer brings together heroes and villains from Unbreakable and Split – SDCC

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Winning the prize for film we didn’t know we were waiting for until the post-credits scene of Split told us we could have it, Glass brings together David (Bruce Willis), Elijah (Samuel L Jackson) and James McAvoy’s multiple personalities – and now we have a trailer.

The footage here surpasses our expectations for what a team-up could look like, so disparate in tone and content that Unbreakable and Split are. It’s lighter and slicker than the former, but that reflects time passed more than anything.

It’s important to remember that when Unbreakable was released it was a time before the MCU and DCEU, when superheroes were still silly blokes in spandex and Bruce Willis was our go-to action blockbuster hero.

Questioning the conclusions of Mr Glass now could be even more enticing in a world where believing you’re a superhero is an increasingly common form of psychosis.

The film will hit cinemas in January 2019.