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Global Wellness Center advertises on Vought News Network

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More teasers for The Boys fans as we all wait for season 3 (and news of Homelander) — maybe we should seek help from the Vought Global Wellness Center

The latest Seven on 7 video from the Vought News Network brings our monthly tidbits, teasers and timely reminders as we wait for season 3. With this instalment, we get some more direct hints as to what we might see when The Boys returns. Nothing concrete, but pieces starting to suggest a jigsaw puzzle lid.

First a news headline…

Vought STOPS Compound-V production

Some people took the news supes are created by Compound-V badly, and there was a lot of fake news. Vought has taken the decision to stop production, and we have a statement from VEO Stan Edgar:

“While recent, unfounded claims have been directed towards our product, Vought remains committed to our customers. We will continue to deliver the level of excellence and quality we’re known for…

… and use this time to recalibrate and improve, as we look towards a brighter future.”

Supersonic news

This instalment of Seven on 7 led with a piece on a superhero moving on from a troubled youth. Yes, Supersonic is now a superhero fit for our time. There is also interest on his past relationship with Starlight, and the possibility of it being rekindled.

Global Wellness Center

The piece on Supersonic mentioned his rehab at the Global Wellness Centre. The Centre also ran an advert during Seven on 7, reminding us how Vought cares for its supes even after they leave the limelight. The Centre exists to help them combat all forms of addiction, and even save them from the evils of pottery making.

A-train update

The last new news item we spotted (there are reminders of the story so far here and there, including the Deep), is A-train is back in training and arranging his next race. Will we see him face Supersonic?