Hannibal creator still hopeful for season 4

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Bryan Fuller says that if the series is revived it will just pick up with Will and Hannibal years later…

During a Nerdist House reunion last week, Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller revealed that he’s not given up on a possible fourth season of the cult favourite series.

“I am very hopeful,” Fuller said. “The great thing about the idea that if we are going to be meeting [back up with Hannibal and Will] and it takes five, six, seven years or what have you, that’s just how long they’ve been on the lam. Then the story picks up from that point. And we’ll adapt.”

Fuller went on to describe what he imagined the vibe of a fourth season would be, saying “It’s very sort of sunny and sweaty, as compared to the cold, harsh realities of Toronto. I think it would be fun to go sunny and sweaty and beachy. A whole new temperature to the cinema.”

Hannibal was originally cancelled by NBC five years ago after an artistic and experimental third season ended on a massive cliffhanger, leaving its fan base desperate for more. Although talks have been ongoing behind the scenes, none of the major streaming services have stumped up the kind of cash and effort it would take to bring back Fuller and stars Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy yet. CBS is currently developing a Silence of the Lambs sequel series based on the character of Clarice Starling, but it’s not yet clear whether the show would feature any of the other characters from Thomas Harris’ bestselling book series.