24: Fox working on yet another reboot

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Since Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer finally handed in his wristwatch after eight seasons of 24, Fox has been struggling to come up with a way forward for one of its most lucrative television franchises. There was prolonged talk of a feature film, that ultimately went nowhere. And then there was the 24: Legacy series, starring Corey Hawkins, that has been shuttered after one season.

But still, with the ink not dry on that cancellation, Fox is working on a new take on 24. Fox chairman Dana Walden has told TV Line that the producers of the show “have a really exciting idea [for a reboot]”.

What that idea is she’s not telling, but she added that a future series might offer “a more anthological storytelling franchise”. Whatever that means.

The plan reportedly would at least move the 24 format away from the CTU setting of the show to date, with a new central venue planned. Again, no details yet as to what that venue will be…

TV Line