5 gambling movies you must see before you die

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Movies are available in a variety of categories from animation to action, but there are also many movies that are available for people that have an interest in gambling.

There are thousands of movies that could go on this list, but if you want to watch a top gambling film that will provide you with a lot of gambling action, you should make sure you watch the below five…


1. Two for the Money

Matthew McConaughey is the main man in Two for the Money, and stars alongside Al Pacino in this famous gambling movie. The film itself takes an ex American Football player (Matthew) who suffers from a horrific injury which ends his playing days, with one of the best professional tipsters that was relied upon by many clients to win them profit. He didn’t gamble on sports himself as he was too afraid he would get an addiction, but he did gamble with other people’s money, which managed to get him plenty of trouble he didn’t want.


2. Casino Royale

All of the James Bond movies have some form of gambling in them, whether it is from Bond playing his favourite blackjack games or from winning money on Wizard of Oz slots. In this Bond movie, James is sent to topple a man from funding terrorist organizations, and he has to do that by beating him at a high stakes poker game with other players involved. As always, this film also has plenty of action to keep you excited throughout.


3. The Gambler

The Gambler is a great film with fan favourite Mark Wahlberg as the main actor. He is a teacher in this film, but with a hidden side not many people know about. The film is filled with many twists and plenty of action that will keep you glued to your seat, but it is based on a gambling addict that needs to constantly borrow money from his parents to fund his gambling habits, and when they no longer want to give him money, he ends up taking it from a loan shark instead.


4. Revolver

Revolver is over 10 years old now but many people still choose to watch it over some of the latest gambling movies out there. With Jason Statham as the main actor in this British film you can be sure you are going to see plenty of action and clever decision making. Jason Statham plays Jake Greene, a card trickster that knows how to win games and who is hired by a mob boss to help him take over the underground gambling industry.


5. Casino

If you are a Robert De Niro or a Joe Pesci fan, you will love Casino, which was first released in 1995. It may be slightly older than some of the above movies in this list, but it’s certainly a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout thanks to some of the gambling scenes that take place. Casino is one of the most popular films when it comes to gambling which is why it gets placed in the top five gambling films of all time. The story behind this film is based on casino corruption and how some casinos can make money by illegally winning back money they shouldn’t.


The above films are by far some of the most popular when it comes to the gambling category, and you could quite easily have placed five James Bond movies in this list alone. There are of course many other films that could be put in this list such as Ocean’s 11, and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.