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A Sherlock escape room is coming to London; watch the teaser now

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An official Sherlock escape room is coming to London, featuring new recordings of the BBC series’ extremely popular cast. This project, which is going by the title Sherlock: The Game Is Now, was teased last month with an ambiguous announcement from Sherlock showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

This new experience will give fans and armchair detectives the chance to don their deerstalkers and try their best at solving a Sherlock mystery. The escape room was put together by Moffat, Gatiss and the “escape room pioneers” from Time Run. It is described as “a 90-minute immersive experience for teams of 4-6 people.”

The content of the escape room is teased by this story synopsis thingy:

London needs Sherlock: unfortunately, it has you.

Sherlock is absent. Where? Oh, who knows. As a rash of break-ins ripple across the capital, one thing is clear: his brilliance is required.

Mycroft Holmes has put out the call. The Network seeks recruits: volunteers with sharp eyes, keen wits and a hunger for adventure.

Can you step into the shoes of the legendary detective? Good luck: The Game Is Now.

And this official video, featuring Gatiss himself, has also been released:

The escape room itself will feature “original Sherlock cast members, with brand new, specially recorded video and audio sequences.” It will be based in the heart of London. Easy access from public transport Zone 1, apparently.

Tickets are on sale now at It looks like Sherlock: The Game Is Now will run from November 6th 2018 until at least January 2019.

If you do book tickets, we wish you the very best of luck! Don’t forget to clue for looks.