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Sherlock is returning for “a new adventure”, which could be a live experience

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Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have revealed that Sherlock is coming back for “a new adventure”, although it won’t be in the format that we’ve come to expect from the Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman-starring series.

On International Sherlock Holmes day, Moffat and Gatiss made their announcement with this video:

Moffat and Gatiss, speaking together in the video, confirmed a few things about this “new adventure”, which is apparently “coming to London” this year.

They said, “It’s not a new episode, not a new series, not a film, not a jigsaw, not a bread bin. Not a range of decorative cutlery… although that would be nice.”

They hastened to add that this is indeed “a new adventure, an actual new adventure, a proper one involving the people that you’d expect to be involved in a Sherlock adventure.”

The video also links to, where fans can enter their email in exchange for a few more details. If you do this, you’ll get to see another video, where a conversation between Sherlock and Mycroft hints at the nature of this new Sherlock story.

It sounds like it could be some sort of live experience, where members of the public can be ‘recruited’ to The Network. This plays a reference to both Sherlock’s Homeless Network from the show itself, and The Network app that was launched as an official Sherlock tie-in in 2014.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.