‘Arrow’ Season 2 UK start date confirmed

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The first episode of Season 2 airs at 8pm on Monday 21 October on Sky1.

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In the Season 2 premiere, Oliver must transform from vigilante to hero. Diggle and Felicity travel to the island of Lian Yu in search of Oliver, who left Starling City after the devastation of The Undertaking and his failure to avert it. Convinced to return home, Oliver finds that things are in much worse shape than he imagined. Isabel Rochev (recurring guest star Summer Glau) is preparing a hostile takeover of Queen Consolidated, Thea refuses to visit Moira in jail and her boyfriend Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) is trying to fill the void left by the Arrow’s absence, meanwhile Laurel is working with the District Attorney’s office to take down the vigilante.

When Thea is abducted, Oliver rededicates himself to his mission but he knows that this time he must be more than just another vigilante. To honor his fallen friend and protect the people he loves, Oliver must become a beacon of hope for the city’s most vulnerable, and a weapon of justice against those who prey upon them…

John Barrowman revealed earlier this year that he and fellow Arrow guest star Alex Kingston have discussed the idea or Captain Jack and River Song appearing together in a Doctor Who spin-off.

The actor, who plays Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow, revealed: “We got a glass of champagne and started talking about how … River and Jack should have their own TV show.”

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