Doctor Who, Revolution of the Daleks: behind the scenes

The BBC released a video of filming the Doctor Who New Year special Revolution of the Daleks. The scene featured is the Doctor’s reunion with her companions in Sheffield. Leaf blowers were employed to simulate the TARDIS materialization effect which led to some behind-the-scenes hi-jinks from Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole. More hi-jinks abound in … >

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Jodie Whittaker Thirteenth Doctor Revolution of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks review

Revolution of the Daleks, the 2020/21 festive special Doctor Who episode allowed several story strands room to grow, and also brought some to a conclusion. Did it entertain and was it that special? Be warned — spoilers follow. Where were we? Back before 2020, we had a Dalek festive story in Resolution of the Daleks. Series 12 brought … >

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Doctor Who Series 13: what is known so far

Some production news for Doctor Who Series 13 was revealed in recent cast and crew interviews and some filming reports. The series began principal photography on November 2, 2020 and eight episodes are planned so far. Who is in the TARDIS team? Jodie Whittaker will be back as the thirteenth Doctor with companion Yasmin (Yaz) … >

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Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor reunited

Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor reunited on audio

John Barrowman and David Tennant are back together in May 2021! He may have just helped Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, but (it’s timey-wimey) you can soon hear Captain Jack and the Tenth Doctor reunited on audio, thanks to Big Finish In May 2021, the Big Finish Torchwood range reaches its fiftieth episode, and what better way … >

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Revolution of the Daleks: who rescues the Doctor from prison?

We know the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) begins the Doctor Who New Year’s special Revolution of the Daleks imprisoned in an asteroid. According to director Lee Haven Jones in issue 334 of SFX magazine, the Doctor is “on her own, isolated. It’s a rather damp, dark, authoritarian environment. She’s told when she needs to exercise. She’s … >

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Jodie Whittaker, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and Peter Davison to participate in quiz hosted by David Tennant

Georgia & David Tennant’s Doctor Who Quiz, a fundraiser for Marie Curie, an organization which supports people with terminal illnesses, will go live online tonight, Tuesday, December 15 at 20:00 GMT. Among the Tennant’s Doctor Who guests for the quiz are Jodie Whittaker, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Peter Davison, Russel T Davies, John Barrowman, Billie … >

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Free Captain Jack Harness in Changes Everything

Free Captain Jack in Torchwood audio from Big Finish

John Barrowman may be back in Doctor Who on New Years Day, but today you can get Free Captain Jack thanks to Big Finish This week (commencing 14 December 2020) Big Finish is giving away a free Captain Jack Harkness audio from its Torchwood range. Since the beginning of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Big Finish has given away more … >

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Revolution of the Daleks: new information from Doctor Who Magazine

The Revolution of the Daleks preview in Doctor Who Magazine 559 revealed a few more details about the special. The most interesting information came from Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, who plays “nervous young scientist” Leo Rugazzi in the special. “He’s really excited about discovery and creation and science, and he’s been cultivating this embryo which, unbeknownst to … >

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