‘Being Human’ writer: ‘Annie could return’

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Lenora Crichlow, who played Annie since Series 1 began in 2009, left the show at the end of Series 4’s finale, The War Child.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Whithouse commented: “That’s what happens with long-running dramas, there has to be a turnover of characters. You never give the fans what they want. You always give them what they need.”

Asked about the possibliity of Annie returning, he added: “The thing is, Annie does go through the door. But when she asks if there is a rule that prevents her from come back, Eve points out that rules have never stopped her before. As I’ve said, the future of Being Human is always in flux. People can return. And no death is final. I’d say nothing is ever final on Being Human.”

Discussing the death of baby Eve in the finale, the writer joked: “Did we really think we had the courage to go through with it? There wasn’t another option. Weirdly, the BBC didn’t have a problem with it. At least she didn’t get her intestines pulled out by Mr. Snow.”

The BBC have confirmed that the supernatural drama will return to BBC Three for a fifth series in 2013.

Speaking exclusively to CultBox, Being Human‘s 2nd Assistant Director Derek Ritchie stated: “Toby has a lot more stories to tell and there would be a great injustice done to audiences everywhere if he doesn’t get the chance to tell them!”

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