Benidorm cancelled after 11 years on the air

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ITV has cancelled Benidorm, with the sun-soaked sitcom being brought to an end after eleven years on the air. Benidorm series 10, which wrapped up its run earlier this year, will be the last series of the show.

Benidorm‘s creator, Derren Litten, took to Twitter to confirm the news. This is what he said:

Benidorm first aired in 2007, and it went on to run for 74 episodes. Jake Canuso’s Mateo appeared in every single one of them, with Janine Duvitski, Tony Maudsley, Elise Kelly, Tim Healy, Sheila Reid, Siobhan Finneran, Oliver Stokes, Adam Gillen, Sherrie Hewson, Steve Pemberton, Kenny Ireland, Hugh Sachs, Paul Bazley and Johnny Vegas also starring in rather a lot of instalments.

“‘It is sad on one level,” Litten said in a BBC WM radio interview, “but for a show to run ten years these days is amazing and if people watched the last series, the last episode kinda leaves on a bit of cliffhanger and that story is directly continued in the live shows.”

It is interesting to hear that Benidorm will live on as a stage show. Tickets are available now at for a theatre tour that will take in numerous major cities.

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