Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad creator still wants Walt and Jesse in the spinoff

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Better Call Saul is still going strong, with Bob Odenkirk reprising his role for the series’ fourth season later this year. But fans of Breaking Bad and its spinoff still want to see Walt and Jesse popping up in the sleazy lawyer’s solo show.

In a new article, Entertainment Weekly has asked Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan for their thoughts on the matter. Following in the footsteps of Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus, Mark Margolis’ Hector, Laura Fraser’s Lydia and Kyle Bornheimer’s Ken, could we ever see Cranston’s Walt and Paul’s Jesse popping in Better Call Saul?

Aaron Paul said this:

“My attitude towards it is the same I had from when Better Call Saul first started. If Vince decided to put Jesse in Better Call Saul, it’s going to be for a reason, and that reason’s going to be very satisfying for me. I trust in Vince. I don’t think he would just do that to satisfy the fans. It would have a purpose, and whether or not he decides to find that purpose or searches for the purpose, I don’t know. But if he does find that purpose, I’m happy to jump on board.”

Bryan Cranston responded thusly:

“If he asked, I would just say yes […] [Vince] takes such meticulous care of his characters and the story, and he changed our lives. ‘Yes’ is the answer. Even if it’s just a brush-by. A quick little something. We’ve come to know people who we’ve seen before but we don’t know that we’ve seen them before, because we were in the store and we just passed by them. Or we might even have a word or two. ‘Oh no, please go ahead.’ ‘Thank you for holding the door.’ And then five years later, you would never remember that. So something as minuscule as that could be very interesting in the fabric of the whole thing. We have those kind of encounters every day, and I think that would be fun for the audience — and the most honest.”

Vince Gillian, who created Breaking Bad and co-created Better Call Saul alongside Peter Gould, offered this opinion:

“[I]t wouldn’t feel as satisfying if it was just a cameo or an Alfred Hitchcock walkthrough. I think we’ve waited long enough. We damn well better have a good reason for them to show up. I just hope we figure it out because I’ve got to hear, ‘Yeah, bitch!’ one more time.”

As of yet, we’ve heard no formal announcements concerning Walt and Jesse. It is exciting to hear, however, that these three important players all want to see it happen.

Better Call Saul returns, over in the USA, on August 6th. We’ll keep you posted as more news emerges.