‘Boardwalk Empire’: Season 3 begins on Sky Atlantic next month

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Following the shocking events Season 2’s finale, the new 12-episode season picks up over 12 months later in 1923.

As Prohibition progresses and the battle for alcohol intensifies and extends beyond Atlantic City, the bootlegging world is a far more violent place with Al Capone (Stephen Graham) and other gangsters on the ascendancy. While the psychological impact of killing Jimmy takes its toll on Nucky (Steve Buscemi) and the war for the Boardwalk resumes, Margaret (Kelly Macdonald) comes into her own. Plus, Nucky and Arnold Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg) have a shared enemy to contend with as Bobby Cannavale joins the cast as Gyp Rosetti.

Series creator Terrence Winter commented: “Dramatically we think of Season 3 as the night before the morning after – it’s basically the big party before the hangover. People still haven’t confronted their actions from Season 2… Things have changed in the world and in the world of bootlegging – it’s a much more violent world, a much more competitive world, all of these things converge and it ultimately culminates in a really, really exciting season.”

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