Boba Fett movie in the works from Logan team

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James Mangold and Simon Kinberg, who last worked together on Fox’s dark and gritty Logan superhero movie, are reportedly teaming up to make a Boba Fett spinoff film for Lucasfilm. This iconic bounty hunter has always been a hit with fans, despite the fact that his role in the Star Wars saga is rather tiny.

Unnamed sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that Mangold and Kinberg will write the script together for Boba Fett’s first solo cinematic adventure, with Mangold directing the film and Kinberg producing it. Although most of his CV is taken up with Fox’s X-Men franchise and its assorted spinoffs, Kinberg also has a history with Star Wars: he served as an executive producer on Rebels and wrote five episodes of the animated series. Other films on Mangolds resumé include Walk The Line and The Wolverine. 

What we don’t know at the moment is who will star in the Boba Fett film. The role was originally played by Jeremy Bulloch in the original trilogy, with Daniel Logan later portraying Boba’s younger self in the prequels. Attack Of The Clones also revealed that Boba Fett is a clone of Jango Fett, who was played by Temura Morrison. Following this reveal, Bulloch’s lines from the original trilogy were redubbed by Morrison for George Lucas’ special edition home releases. As it stands, no actor has been announced for this Boba Fett solo film.

It’s also unclear when exactly this film will take place. So far, we’ve seen two Star Wars spinoff films – Rogue One and Solo – set in the era preceding A New Hope. Boba’s film could feasibly take place in that time period, as well, or they could set it after Return Of The Jedi and reveal that Boba did make it out of the Sarlacc Pit after all.

We also don’t have a release date for the project yet, but we’ll let you know as we hear more.