Catastrophe series 4: filming has started, premiere is later this year

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Filming is underway on Catastrophe series 4, with the show’s return to our screens expected to occur later this year. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney will, of course, be back. There wouldn’t be much of a show without them, would there?

Horgan revealed yesterday on social media that filming has begun on Catastrophe series 4. She broke the news on Instagram by sharing a screenshot from her phone, with the caption, “Day one Catastrophe 4”. By the looks of it, there was a fair bit of Google-procrastinating going on:

Day one Catastrophe 4

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Additionally, British Comedy Guide said in a Tweet that this new series of Catastrophe “will be shown on Channel 4 later this year.” An exact date is yet to be announced, but this is still exciting news.

And in terms of the plot of Catastrophe series 4, Horgan recently said this to Elle UK by way of a teaser:

“Is anyone in a long-term relationship actually having sex? I’ve definitely had some friends in couples who really go at it. But generally, long-term relationships seem to form into kind of partnership-friendship things. You don’t want to admit to yourself that you don’t have an active sexual relationship. People keep that under wraps. We’re writing the fourth season of Catastrophe at the moment, and that’s a big part of it.”

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.