Cunk On Britain: the first trailer

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When Charlie Brooker confirmed the news that there wasn’t going to be an end-of-year Wipe in 2017, he did offer the welcome consolation of a full series of Cunk On Britain. Comfortably high on our must-see list since it was announced, the first trailer for the show has now been released.

Cunk On Britain will run for five episodes on BBC Two, featuring Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk, as she digs into the history of the country. As the official announcement synopsis read…

From the oldest era imaginable, Cunk’s insightful analysis of events and popular culture will tell the story of Britain’s battles, Medieval monarchs and the expansion of the Empire, right up through Thatcher, Britpop, the discovery of Nick Clegg and the invention of Brexit.

She’ll be asking probing questions such as: were dinosaurs the first people to discover Britain? When did Britain get officially ‘Great’? Where did Robin Hood buy his tights or was that bit just made up? The ultimate guide to our country’s past: Cunk On Britain. The rest is history.

No news on a transmission date yet, but it can’t be far away…