Cunk On Everything: Philomena Cunk is publishing an encyclopedia

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Philomena Cunk – the comedic persona of Diane Morgan, who debuted on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe before going on to star in her own ‘factual’ TV shows –  is releasing an encyclopedia. It has the rather brilliant title of Cunk On Everything, and it was written in real life by Morgan, Charlie Brooker, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.

Publisher Two Roads plans to release the book in November of this year – just in time for Christmas stocking season – with the full title of Cunk On Everything: The Philomena Cunk Encyclopedia. It will be released in hardback and audiobook formats, which raises the terrifically fun possibility of having Cunk’s wisdom streamed directly into your earholes.

Two Roads released this teasing statement about the book:

“After years of asking the big questions – like ‘what did people do before evolution?’ and ‘what is clocks?’ – Cunk will compress the entirety of human knowledge into one handy Christmas gift book, from Shakespeare to sausages, from evolutionary psychology to Brush Strokes.”

Cunk herself said this: “This book is great because it covers everything in existence apart from the 95% of stuff not worth bothering with.”

And publisher Kate Hewson said that Cunk is “a voice of reason and sanity, who cuts through all the superfluous ‘facts’ and ‘information’ to get to the heart of these complex topics”.

The book will be published on November 1st, and you can pre-order it on Amazon now. We’ll be adding this one to our Christmas list post-haste.

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