Danny Dyer will teach history in a BBC documentary

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Now here’s a show we’re definitely going to watch: having found out that he’s a distant royal relative in Who Do You Think You Are, Danny Dyer will now teach us all about regal traditions in a new BBC documentary.

The Severance star, EastEnders regular and Love Island dad will present the two-part educational entertainment series that’s been dubbed Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family.

In its coverage of the news, the Beeb tells us that Dyer will “eat, dress and live like his regal antecedents” in the bound-to-be-fun new show.

“Luckily for viewers,” the BBC adds, “that means we get to see him wear an Elizabeth ruff when he hosts a sugar banquet of sweet treats for his family – his living family, rather than his ancestors – who all dress up for the occasion.”

Mr Dyer himself said this:

“I’m still in shock at the fact that I’m related to such important people. I’ve had a ball getting to know them. It was a nutty experience.”

And a BBC spokesperson added that “his journey is a retelling of 800 years of British history – which is all there in his extraordinary bloodline”.

We don’t have a release date for the show just yet, but we’ll be sure to pass on all the new updates as we hear them.