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‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special filming details announced

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The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine also confirms that this year’s Christmas special will be written by Steven Moffat and directed by Jamie Payne, who previously helmed Neil Cross’s ‘Hide’ episode earlier this year.

Moffat told the magazine: “It’s the end of the Eleventh Hour. The Special ties up stuff from all corners of Matt’s tenure – there are things I set in motion in Matt’s very first episode that I’m paying off now. It’s been a long game, but most of the questions that people ask will get answered…”

The showrunner has also hinted that the Eleventh Doctor will find regeneration a “frightening” experience.

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Moffat teased earlier this year: “…this Christmas prepare for your hearts to break, as we say goodbye to number Eleven … Doctor Who will be born all over again! After 50 years, that’s still so exciting!”

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