Doctor Who: early draft of Day Of The Doctor script – with 9th Doctor – made available

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Steven Moffat has openly admitted that, when he was writing his first drafts of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, Day Of The Doctor, that he had Christopher Eccleston’s ninth Doctor in line for a return.

When Eccleston ultimately declined, it set wheels in motion that led to the creation of John Hurt’s The War Doctor instead.

If you want a glimpse at how the episode could have been, Moffat is now set to release an earlier draft script for the episode, that will include the ninth Doctor in it.

It’s for a charity collection of stories, A Second Target For Tommy, that’s being published by Obverse Books. All proceeds from its sale will be heading to writer Tommy Donbavand, as he fights cancer. A previous volume, A Target For Tommy, was published in 2016, and is still available too.

Lots of other writers have contributed stories to the book, too, and you can order yourself a copy – and find out more about it – right here:

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